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Maintenance & repair

Proper maintenance of your trailer is key to the safety of your vehicle and to keeping your trailer in good shape over the years. Do not deal with just anyone for this important procedure. Visit our store to:

Lubricate the wheel bearings Lubricate the hinges and cylinder (jack) Clean and adjust the brakes Check the lights and the general condition of the trailer (structure)


Operation of a trailer

• Always make sure your trailer tires are inflated to the air pressure specified by the manufacturer.
• Each time a wheel is removed and reinstalled, the nuts must be checked and tightened after ten km, twenty-five km, fifty km and periodically thereafter.
• Remember to inspect and grease the wheel bearings regularly as outlined in your Use & Care Manual.

Torsion bars, brake and anti-roll controller

Spring is coming, it's the perfect time to get a trailer if you're a camping enthusiast. Most trailers and double axle trailers are equipped with electric brakes, hence the need to install a brake controller in the vehicle. In addition, it all depends on the vehicle you have, it may be recommended to install torsion bars and anti-roll. For more information on these topics see our informative documents below.

Register of owners

Since January 1, 2011, a new definition of heavy vehicles has been in effect. The vehicles covered by the new definition are those whose gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) is 4,500 kg or more. The PNBV indicates the weight of the vehicle added with the maximum weight of the load that it can carry. It is determined by the vehicle manufacturer or by an engineer, in the case of modified or homemade vehicles.